In the consulting room: a mild case of GDPR

In which we establish an evidential link between data protection legislation, headaches and depression in general practice…GP: What can I do for you today, Mrs Smith?Patient: How did you get my name?GP: The receptionist told […]

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Come and join us

Are you going shopping this weekend?  Where?  Food shopping?  Really?  Do you still push the wheels around Tesco?They’ll deliver it to you for free.  At a time to suit you!  You knew that didn’t you!  You […]

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primary care training no one to look after them

No one to look after them

Here are some facts…The British Nationality Act 1948 gave UK citizenship to all people living in the United Kingdom and its colonies, full rights of entry and settlement into the UK.  Many were attracted by […]

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Dame Julie Moore and Arsene Wenger gone in the same week.Both of these icons will have their fans and detractors.  Anyone who has tangled with The Dame will have a view.  Any football fan, who […]

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How effective do you want to be

On the train, the first thing Anji does is find her iPhone and scroll through Facebook.  Her SoMe, morning routine.Friends, nights-out, holidays, meet-up-messages, adverts and the lives of celebrities… so different to her daily slog […]

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Sir Trevor’s week

Sir Trevor Longstay, co-chair of the NHS Blithering STP Alliance has agreed to open up his private diary and share his reflections on a typical week as a top leaderMonday – Plackard on the phone […]

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Malaria experts fear disease’s resurgence

For the first time in 10 years, global malaria cases are no longer falling, sparking concerns about a resurgence of the too often deadly disease. Experts, and philanthropist Bill Gates, are urging country leaders gathering […]

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It’s all we have

There is an excoriating piece in American Spectator… ‘Britain Holds Another Baby Hostage.’It’s about Alfie Evans and draws upon the desperate tale of Charlie Gard.  Broadly, the author challenges the rightness of the NHS going to […]

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