It’s hard to know how to make my point with greater emphasis. Should I hire a company for a bill-board campaign? How do we create a sense of urgency… Urgency, not panic. Somewhere between dread, […]

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Never forget…

I’m not a great movie-goer. The last time I went to a cinema I sat in a very comfy armchair, next to a gentleman who ate a Chinese-meal, out of a cardboard-box, with his fingers. […]

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In the room…

There’s a Russian fable, by Ivan Krylov, in 1814… the tale of The Inquisitive Man, who… ‘… describes, to his friend, the detail of a visit to a natural history museum. He speaks of birds […]

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Take care of itself…

There’s a word I would cheerfully ban. Knock it right out of the vocabulary of management. I hear it all the time. The word is culture. It comes, usually packaged, with; ‘the NHS has to […]

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Blithering turns up the bandwidth

Sir Trevor Longstay has ordered the creation of a new unit to coordinate the delivery of digital innovation in NHS Blithering. NHSBX will bring the benefits of modern technology to every patient and clinician in […]

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Fag paper…

I’ve visited two Trusts recently. People have been good enough to give me their time, show me what they are doing. They are proud, they are innovative, pushing the boundaries, trying new things. The amount […]

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Great leaders…

Right now, it would be wrong to underestimate how fragile the NHS really is. The money doesn’t add-up, demand is rising and there is no real way to stem it… the causes are way beyond […]

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primary care training gorilla in a nail-bar

Look after them…

Why do good people leave? Given the travails of Labour, it seems a topical question to ask, this morning. There is a good-old management adage; people don’t leave good jobs, they leave bad bosses. The […]

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Is this the formula for everything? T=c^2/ (2Dv^2VEd) Why does it matter on a Monday morning? Well, Einstein thought is was important and physicist John Ellis lays claim to the phrase; A Theory Of Everything […]

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What good looks like going forward

Sustainability and transformation partnerships are the hatcheries of tomorrow’s integrated care systems. What are the characteristics, values and behaviours of a successful STP? Martin Plackard investigates. 1. Local system leadership All good leadership starts with […]

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