Could it be summed up in six words?

What are yours?

I think I’m hooked. I might be an addict? Everyday I have to do it… … the Wordle puzzle. You get six attempts at guessing a five letter word. You start with a word of your choice and […]

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Up-to-90% of ALL GP’s Visits Originate from this

Stress kills. Doctors and health professionals agree that chronic stress attacks the body and systematically destroys an otherwise healthy organism. Research published in 2008 showed that up to ninety percent of all primary care doctor […]

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We have a new chair, Richard Meddings, he needs to make a clean sweep.

Clean sweep

I know, I know, I’ve written a lot about the NHSE/I Board. It’s important. I wish I’d done it earlier.  With absolutely no apology, I’m returning to it today. No, I won’t stop. Here’s why…  … here […]

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If somebody drops a ceramic, they don’t reach for the super-glue. Try to hide the repair. They use a special tree-sap. Whilst it’s wet, they sprinkle the join with gold dust. It features the repair, and says…


Let’s talk Kintsugi. The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. Translated means ‘golden joinery’. If somebody drops a ceramic, they don’t reach for the super-glue. Try to hide the repair. They use a special tree-sap. Whilst it’s wet, […]

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Who runs the NHS…

Writing is a lonely occupation. When I finally finish typing and press ‘send’, I often wonder who’ll read it and what they’ll make of it. Some topics capture your imagination others your indignation.  That’s certainly […]

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No compass, no charts, no rudder, we are heading for the rocks.


I have no good news. In most of Western Europe growth in productivity is at near-record lows. The banking crisis meant financial services went from boom to bust.  Some countries stimulated recovery by funding public services….  […]

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It’s Monday, this week; don’t compromise, don’t deal, don’t trade-off and don’t settle for anything that isn’t right.


I have a question. ‘What if….’ What if… you’d never taken that road… met that person… taken that job? What if you’d listened… stopped to think… What if we weren’t so dependent on oil and […]

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Pandemic recovery? That’ll start when the pandemic’s over. All the numbers I’ve seen would seem to say it isn’t.


There’s been one of those digital conferences going on in London. No, I didn’t go. Covid numbers are on the up and I didn’t fancy becoming a statistic. I read about it. It looked like it was […]

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people who are interested in looking interested, in doing the very interesting job they are paid to do.

The job they are paid to do…

Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: ‘… as the pressure on services continues to ratchet up, the silence from government continues to be of grave concern for the College, the […]

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more puppets than a toy shop

Toy Shop…

It’s funny how you can sometimes get a gut feel about things.  I’ve got one… I get a sense that there is something seriously wrong with the NHSE/I Board, particularly the non-execs.  I know I’ve […]

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