It shows; the British and Europeans are as likely to believe in conspiracy theories as are Americans!

Paid the price

Who doesn’t like a conspiracy theory… The NASA moon landing was filmed in the MGM studios in Burbank. 9-11, carried out by the US government. The death of Diana. What about… subliminal advertising on the telly, getting […]

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The Magnificent-7 will make notes, turn them into a PowerPoint presentation and send them back to the people who briefed them.

The Cabinet is meeting

Downing Street…  … built by Sir George Downing with the intention that it should be a street of; ‘Fine townhouses. For persons of good quality to reside in…’ Yes, I know what you’re thinking!  When […]

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All we know is; we don’t pay enough people, enough money, to provide enough care.

Martin’s problem

I spent the weekend, doing my bit to help a friend move from her lovely, sunny, garden flat, with two bedrooms, a terrace and French windows, overlooking lush-green lawns… into a care home. She would […]

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Honestly... NHS_Training_in_Primary_Care_General_Practice

Small things are the big things

Aphorisms… sayings, maxims. I love ’em. The Dutches used to say:  In the face of ignorance; ‘None so blind as won’t see’.  Infidelity; ‘If one’s not enough, ten’s not too many…’  Gluttony; ‘Eyes bigger than […]

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this Easter will be the year that the NHS will have to perform one of its own.

One of its own

We’re in the run-up to Easter.  This will be my 76th and it might be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Easter’s a movable feast; it’s the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon that […]

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It’s easy to forget the NHS went into the pandemic off the back of ten years, flatline funding, with a depleted workforce and fewer beds per head of population than most of Europe.


There’s a word I’d like to discuss. How relevant is the word ‘relevant’? On a summer’s day, with the sun shining across the meadow, an umbrella is not relevant. But a parasol might be. The relevance […]

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Devilish difficult

The NHS is the next thing to a religion.  If it’s true, the Holy Grail is the answer to the five ‘what’ questions; What made us unwell What did we do to fix us up […]

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Look at No1 on my list… if the NHSE Board have agreed to all this nonsense… and they are looking for some summer reading, I suggest the Riot Act.

The Riot Act

Let’s talk books. What’s come out this month and might be put to one side, ready for the teak-lounger, the fluffy towels and the Bougainvillea petals, drifting across the azure pool… … you remember… holiday! […]

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It was published in November 2021 and how I missed it, I don’t know. It looks like everyone missed it, because it’s had no traction.

Tea time

There are three rules in BoJo’s Britain; Don’t fall sick, don’t get old, don’t be poor… … now, there’s a fourth.  Don’t fall over and phone for an ambulance.  That is not my conclusion and […]

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‘My 95 year old client fell on Saturday at 7 pm. Ambulance called at 8pm, she was in screaming-pain.

The way to nowhere

Yesterday, I wrote about the ‘new norma’l. Blimey… what a response! Amongst them was this… from the owner of a domiciliary care company. They do excellent work. If I needed help and I lived in their catchment, […]

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