He is dangerously naive. Promise me you won’t let him near a medicine cabinet, never mind the NHS….


I use Apple. All Apple. The iPhone, the Mac-book, iMac, iPad, iPods, the whole iShebang. I even press my socks with an iRon. I do it because Apple stuff works; connects, stores and sorts itself […]

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Barclay and the whole mob of bullies in Whitehall are painting themselves into a corner and it’s not a pretty picture.


Competence and confidence. That’s what you need. Teach it, encourage it and promote it. Everywhere. Schools the workplace … everywhere. Do that and you’ll help put an end to the scourge of bullying. Competence and […]

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It needs a period of unbroken calm, funding and realistic planning.


Do you think the NHS is broken? I don’t. A lot of people working in it are broken hearted. A lot of people who are older, have a long-term condition or nearing the end of […]

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There you are… the answer in black and white.

Black and white

Any official report that starts with a dodgy statement makes me want to have a good hard look at the rest of it. The House of Commons’ Women and Equalities Committee have reported on Black […]

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Hunt, as a former health secretary, is a catastrophic disappointment. Either he's abandoned his safe working principles or all along he's been a shyster.


On Sunday morning, in a letter to RCN chief Pat Cullen, Steve Barclay said he was “disappointed” at the rejection of the pay deal, but offered talks to “avoid this escalatory action” and made clear […]

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