As far as I can see they are as useful as patio doors on a submarine.


What is a doctor? I know the obvious answer… someone you go to when you need fixing up. Once upon a time it was someone you could go to, to scoop you up, and fix […]

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If he can’t find the qualities of leadership that take us to justice for the invisible half million…

Someone who can

The nurses are balloting and the doctors and paramedics are about to kick-off, again. Maybe, it is enough to say local arrangements will give me a Xmas Day service. No one means me any harm. […]

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Charmer needs help with a reality check, help with some better policy advice and...


Standing in front of an NHS ambulance, sleeves rolled up, looking like he’d just washed it, Charmer delivered his big health-policy speech. If his ideas for the NHS are as good as they get for […]

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