Count on it

Bob foresaw the inevitable.

Addressing Shirley, his life companion for over three decades, he uttered, “I’ll be running behind schedule.”

Being an adept nurse, Shirley saw him off to his duty, ensuring the left-hand pocket of his EMS jacket was generously filled with a meticulously crafted cheese and pickle sandwich.

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Not wrong

Despite their best efforts, Ruth Perry’s family will be unable to occupy the vacant chair this Christmas, following the tragic incident where the headteacher took her own life amidst the looming shadow of an Ofsted inspection.

The unnecessary and heartbreaking loss of a young and beautiful life is a result of the merciless and senseless brutality of the inspection process.

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singapore skyline

Give it a miss

The exasperating and, in my opinion, misguided young man is indulging in self-congratulation in Singapore. He’s hurling criticism at the NHS while safely ensconced behind the paywall of the Sunday Times, a publication that appears to have transitioned from a bastion of serious journalism to something resembling Hello Magazine.

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Long enough

I possess a wealth of knowledge, yet there are numerous things that elude my understanding, and an even greater array of abilities that lie beyond my grasp.

While I may not be adept at burying the departed, I can certainly discern the dimensions of a six-foot hole when it comes into view.

Although I’m not a professional racing driver, the essence of a Ferrari is well within my recognition.

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Covid 19

Learn from

The echoes of Covid may appear distant, yet for numerous individuals, it remains an indelible recollection marked by sorrow, suffering, and distress. Just yesterday, gaining firsthand insights from the former Prime Minister during the Covid Inquiry offered a poignant glimpse into the intricate workings of mid-March 2020.

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Soles of your feet

We are approaching an upcoming anniversary, just about a month away. Specifically, on January 9th, 1868, the convict ship Hougoumont docked at the port of Fremantle in Western Australia.

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the Great Grey Wolf

Drains it all away

What lies ahead for the NHS to consider?

Imagine adopting the approach of the Great Grey Wolf—measuring five feet in length, with an additional two feet of a black-tipped bushy tail and a weight of 145 pounds.

This magnificent creature inhales the morning air, assessing the direction of the wind. To successfully pursue its prey, it must position itself upwind.

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