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Others Teach – We Inspire

Our aim at The Training Network is to create positive changes in organisations by improving the abilities of individuals and empowering them to use and develop their learning in the workplace.

We inspire participants to become confident in their role and passionate about what they do. This creates a positive environment within an organisation, which supports better growth, development, and teamworking.

Consider how your organisation could benefit from the changes created by our primary and secondary care training.

What Makes The Training Network Courses Different?

When you combine logical learning with creative thought and decision making, it leads to a thorough understanding of the subject being trained. Add to that, training on the context where the learning will be used, and you have a powerful training process. Our courses use this process to get participants fully involved and immersed in the subject.

The difference this makes is that participants understand and know the subject they have been taught, they don’t just learn facts and information related to it.

The training covers actions and processes relating to the primary care role, but it doesn’t stop there. We work with participants on an emotional level, and bring feelings into the training. We build a sense of purpose and generate motivation. Staff want to use what they’ve learned and have the confidence and skills to get on with their job.

You will see a difference in both attitudes and abilities when your staff have attended The Training Network courses. We push them by challenging their ideas and thought processes. They will face challenges and have to create solutions. The interaction with other participants will build their confidence and self-belief.

Talk to us about your training requirements and we will explain the difference The Training Network courses can make to your organisation. Contact us or telephone 0207 193 2123.

Our Trainers Are All-Round Facilitators

While our competitor’s focus on presenting information, our trainers use their all-round facilitator skills to make the courses a holistic learning experience. They are experts with a wide range of learning, communication, and training skills:

·         They create an electric environment, conducive to high-energy, interactive learning

·         Using people skills, they will read the room and build rapport with the group

·         During exercises they will offer levels of support needed to move forward

·         The room will be subtly controlled as people bounce off each other and challenge ideas

·         They work with individuals to find motivational triggers and deal with limiting beliefs.

The trainers are passionate about their role and the difference they can make to organisations of all sizes. Their objective is to inspire participants to want to develop, and give them a confidence that empower them to take action and transfer their new found abilities into the workplace.

How Can Our Courses Benefit Your Business?

When your staff attend our training courses you don’t just want us to fill their heads with facts and information. That sort of knowledge doesn’t give any discernible advantage to your organisation. You want them to learn new skills that they can implement to benefit your business.

But what if they could contribute more than just new skills? What if the training could act as a catalyst for an abundance of positive changes throughout your organisation?

The benefits of investing in The Training Network courses, are the ongoing changes that come about as individuals continue to grow and develop in their roles. These lasting changes can be seen in both their actions and their attitudes:

The training gives them the confidence to overcome challenges and take new actions.

With each new solution they create comes new learning, which increases their abilities and boosts their confidence, creating a spiral of success.

The training leads to an understanding of the benefits of teamworking and team spirit. Working towards joint objectives soon becomes the norm.

Motivation soars as people gain a purpose and the positivity spreads throughout the organisation.

Imagine having a team of inspired, motivated, confident staff that are continuously improving. If those are the benefits you want to receive contact us or telephone 0207 193 2123.

Custom Courses to Meet Your Requirements

For courses customised to meet your specific requirements please contact us telephone 0207 193 2123 or email support@thetrainingnet.com

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The Training Network – Probably the best training in the world.

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