Article review

Review of Roy Lilley’s article ‘What are we trying to do’ found on QuickStepHR.

Managing the NHS is not difficult, but it is often complicated by external factors. The key to success lies in getting the basics right, which include hiring the best people, providing clear instructions, involving employees in decision-making, creating a supportive work environment, and prioritizing time effectively. Happy patients rely on happy staff, and achieving this requires clarity about the organization’s goals.

Unfortunately, many people, including the author, are unsure about what the NHS is trying to achieve. The author believes that the NHS exists to provide peace of mind for people in need, but this objective seems increasingly unattainable. The organization’s workforce is stretched thin, and the ongoing strikes only worsen the problem. The lack of clarity regarding the NHS’s goals and the unions’ demands makes it difficult for the government to respond effectively.

Moreover, many people are indifferent to the plight of the NHS, partly because they are not directly affected by its failings. However, this apathy could prove dangerous, as anyone could require medical assistance at any time.

Ultimately, the author calls for a clearer understanding of the NHS’s goals and a more effective plan to achieve them. Muddling through the crisis and hoping for the best is not a viable strategy. Instead, the organization needs a comprehensive workforce plan, IT solutions, and adequate funding to avoid further crises. Until these objectives are clarified and acted upon, the NHS’s future remains uncertain.

By Mark Edwards