singapore skyline

Give it a miss

The exasperating and, in my opinion, misguided young man is indulging in self-congratulation in Singapore. He’s hurling criticism at the NHS while safely ensconced behind the paywall of the Sunday Times, a publication that appears to have transitioned from a bastion of serious journalism to something resembling Hello Magazine.

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Think ouside the box

Wrong problem

Begin the week by delving into the world of Henry…

Henry Ernest Dudeny, a mathematician from the early 20th century, devised a fascinating challenge. The task is to link nine dots arranged on a three-by-three grid, and you can use only four straight lines. Importantly, the pen should never leave the paper.

Many individuals struggle with this puzzle because they tend to envision the dots forming a boxed shape. The key to solving the puzzle lies in drawing lines that extend ‘outside the box’…

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