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Tools honoured in Blithering awards

Blithering Celebrating Success Awards are always eagerly anticipated. Every
November, they recognise the commitment and dedication of people who put other
people at the heart of everything they do before going the extra mile in their

also reflect the passionate belief of the organisers, Spume Media, in an
awards-led approach to healthcare improvement science.

year the ceremony took place in the opulent surroundings of the West Churlish
cricket pavilion.

dinner the actor who played Barry in EastEnders – back for a second
year mainly for reasons of affordability – spent 45 minutes building
on the success of last year’s jokes before handing over to Councillor Alan
Spume to present the awards.

leader of the local authority spoke eloquently about the purpose of the awards.
“Every well led organisation needs to say thank you to its hard-working staff
at least once a year,” he said.

paid a heartfelt tribute to those behind the scenes “without whom there could
only be losers”.

awards are a testament to the comms teams who work tirelessly and often without
scruple to complete the entry forms, as well as the managers who refuse to let
non-achievement get in the way of success,” he said.

Spume also addressed the awards’ critics.

know some people say that schemes such as these reward mediocrity, but is that
such a bad thing? If you don’t encourage people to dare to be mediocre, how can
you persuade them to take their next steps on the road to excellence?”

Spume concluded by thanking all the organisations that had “sponsored” tables
for the event and reminded them that up to 3% of the proceeds would go to
community projects.

to you,” he said, “we’re all winners.”

Your winners in full

judging panel, chaired once again by Sir Trevor Longstay, included several
leading lights of the Blithering ICS, including medical director Dr David
Rummage, acting head of possibility Mandy Shanks, deputy director of
actualisation Derek Armitage, transformation director Bev Heaver and head of
thought leadership and proactive cascading Martin Plackard.

Person-centric Integration Initiative of the Year – This award went to
GoWestBlithering for their Empowering Older Age scheme, a co-production by the
library and the gardening club with support from the CCG and a local funeral
provider. GoWestBlithering also won Place of the Year.

Resource or Tool of the Year – Blithering CCG was a worthy winner for its suite
of online portals where commissioners, providers and stakeholders can search
for proven best-practice frameworks, resources and tools. The judges were
particularly impressed by the Value Matrix, which allows new tool ideas to be
evaluated in real-time and an Excel-based companion tool called the High-level
Strategic Needs Index. The HSNI uses hard and soft criteria to produce a final
weighted value expressed as one of three coloured heart emoticons.  

the CCG’s work, category expert Martin Plackard said:  “Don’t be fooled by
its apparent simplicity. This heralds a new era of evidence based decision
making underpinned by high quality graphics”.

Transforming Patient Experience Innovation of the Year – The winner was
Blithering Community Trust for its Total Respect app, which allows patients to
record how respected they feel at every stage of their experience journey.

Exemplar of the Year – This was won by Blithering University Hospitals
Foundation Trust with its new patient records system. Although the £150m
project had not gone live by the entry deadline, the judges noted the “credible
implementation plan” and the trust’s accelerated target of partial
interoperability with GP systems by 2026/27.

Leader of the Year – The judges said that choosing a winner in this category
had been harder than ever, but that after several minutes of deliberation they
decided that the outstanding candidate was Sir Trevor Longstay. This is the
eleventh year in succession that Sir Trevor has won the award. He said he was
“more humbled than surprised”.

Awards editor: Julian Patterson

Reproduced at by kind permission of Julian Patterson.