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Training – others teach, we inspire

The Training Network has remodelled outmoded teaching techniques and given training a makeover full of interactive energy that induces real learning. Real learning happens when you gain an intimate understanding of a subject through activity based training. Training that facilitates passionate discussions, the challenging of ideas and concepts, and uses exercises that require creativity, rather than logic and memorised facts. This real learning creates a desire to continue developing, and a confidence that empowers the individual to find solutions to challenges in the workplace.

The Training Network courses never include old fashioned training formats, where the focus was on absorbing information so it can be repeated later. We don’t push the responsibility for learning solely on to the attendees, and we don’t just teach boring facts in a dull environment. These are practices from the past that have been replaced by modern training methods that achieve far superior results.

We train primary and secondary care individuals and teams using the most advanced teaching methods in use today. Our trainers, and the design of our courses, create a high-energy environment that’s conducive to interactive learning. With this approach we can present training that encompasses the actions, emotions, and the beliefs, of the attendees, and creates a lasting change that benefits your organisation.

Primary and secondary training in your location for clinical and non-clinical teams. See our course list for more details.


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“Your input was extremely helpful and gratefully received. I would definitely recommend your service to others.”

“We at Lancaster Gate found the input hugely useful.  It highlighted areas where we were doing the work, but just needed to ensure that we were providing evidence in the right way to evidence the work we were putting in. We would highly recommend this to all practices.”

“I believe we were incredibly fortunate to secure your services. We have benefited enormously from your positive energy, flexibility and solutions focused approach. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the near or medium future.”

“We both very much appreciated the in depth feedback you were able to give us as well as some reassurance about the service we are providing. We are both very passionate about the practice and you took this into account and worked with us to better improve our service. We couldn’t ask for more.”

“We found the visit extremely helpful and certainly worthwhile. Thus confirming what we had heard from other practices you had visited. We would certainly recommend you to other practices.”

Roundtables – A different approach

At The Training Network we are able to offer something above and beyond the traditional concept of a training workshop and a lecturing styled process, preferring to employ the format of a ‘roundtable’. Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in achieving the desired outcome of the event and, in sharing their knowledge and understanding of the presenting situation, creating a far more conducive learning environment. The team will identify what the group wants to achieve and tailor the roundtable to deliver the outcomes that will best serve the attendees. call 0207 193 2123 to book your roundtable now!

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