A Scandal Exposed


Regulars will know Prof Brian Edwards has followed every step of the Infected Blood Inquiry for us.

It is only right that I leave it with him to sum-up the enormity of the findings and their ramifications.

Here is his report…

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Labour forming the next administration seems like a sure thing.
But perhaps not.

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When you’re trying not to be obvious about ‘problems’, big problems, but are obliged to…

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Affectionately dubbed Big John by his pals, he emerged from the cool comfort of the diner into the searing Texan sun, which seemed to ricochet off the buildings lining Camel Back main street. With a sigh, he reached into his pocket for the keys to his trusty F-100 pickup, only to find the spot where it had been parked now empty.

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The nurse’s distinct role is to aid individuals, whether they are ill or healthy, in carrying out tasks essential for health maintenance, recuperation, or, if necessary, a serene passage towards the end of life—tasks they would undertake independently if they possessed the requisite strength, determination, or understanding.

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I’m also privy to a consistent flow of insider insights. Individuals generously share with me what’s unfolding and what lies ahead.

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Most of the population is thoroughly disillusioned with politicians. The surge towards Labour isn’t driven by the excellence of their plans, policies, or charisma.

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The origins trace back to Birmingham Children’s Hospital during the late 1980s, where a significant issue surfaced: heart operations for children were being postponed due to insufficient funding. Throughout the 1980s, the National Health Service (NHS) faced a series of crises, prompting the government to provide a £100 million bailout.

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Bagging area

In the mid-1980s, David Humble pioneered the self-checkout machines now ubiquitous in our grocery stores.

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Ain’t gonna happen

Viewed through a statistical lens, coincidences are simply inevitable occurrences, often less striking than they initially seem—merely chance events with probabilities frequently underestimated.

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