The junior doctors have balloted for more strikes, there are no talks that anyone wants to talk about and the scalpel of Damocles hangs over NHS waiting lists. Doctors and pay. Always a problem. In […]

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I’m perplexed by their actions. It’s evident they possess intelligence, yet there seems to be a disparity between being clever and truly astute, or between being educated and possessing genuine savvy.

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The rest

I sense a growing tension in the air.
The stakes are high.
After nearly fifteen years under the same governing party, it’s evident they’re far from prepared for an impending election.

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Patients, hospital, hallway, NHS.

Grown ups

In 2006, the infamous Securitas robbery shook the nation as approximately £53 million vanished from their depot in Kent, marking it as the largest cash heist in British crime annals.

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Light switch

Good luck with that

Despite expectations of a recession, January’s tax receipts have soared to unprecedented levels, defying economic forecasts.

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Doctors strike

Stay out

The return of junior doctor strikes elicits a collective groan, with seemingly little enthusiasm from anyone.

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Get on with it

I have some updates to share with you. While they may not be groundbreaking, I believe they hold significance. It’s the kind of news that might have gotten lost in the whirlwind of other information, yet it’s something we should have been more attentive to.

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Come in useful

I have a special surprise for you—a token of joy to brighten your day, to add a skip to your step and paint a grin on your cherubic countenance.

No need for elaborate packaging or delivery trucks; I’ll share it with you right away. It’s a simple yet powerful gift—a word.

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