It makes me think, there’s something NHS Comm’s is doing...

Not quite right

I’ll bet a shilling you’ve never heard of Etienne Uzac. If you’re a former student of the London School of Economics… well, maybe… he was a student there. Back in 2005, Uzac and his mate, […]

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The doctors' claim that the value of earnings has eroded over ten years, and restoration is understandably the aim. However, what has their union, the BMA, been doing for the past ten years?

Waiting Room

Breaking my own rule, I’m returning to the topic of the junior doctors’ trade dispute with the UK government. Yesterday’s eLetter sparked a conversation on Twitter with interesting and articulate individuals, but unfortunately, there were […]

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Take the hit

Here we go again… Once more, with feeling… Really… … the junior doctors have joined the queue of health workers with a Gov-Grudge and are going on strike next month. They know how to do […]

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If that’s typical, across 42 ICS', you’re probably looking at over 1,500 interfaces for data. Connecting everything from EPRs, to a pencil.


2011; The Arab Spring, a Tsunami in Japan. Riots in London, following peaceful protests over the police shooting of Mark Duggan and Apple’s founder Steve Jobs died… and… …the year IBM’s Watson Computer, developed as […]

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Article review

Review of Roy Lilley’s article ‘What are we trying to do’ found on QuickStepHR. Managing the NHS is not difficult, but it is often complicated by external factors. The key to success lies in getting […]

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Most of us won’t use the NHS today, this week, this month or even year. We might go half a lifetime and never see the inside of a hospital or surgery. That’s probably why people aren’t that bothered.

What are we trying to do

It’s not difficult. It really isn’t. We make it difficult. Complicate it. Management really isn’t difficult… it’s all the other stuff that gets in the way. You have to get the basics right. Do that […]

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buy an image from a PR company and look like...

For what, do they exist

It’s a good job the post lady doesn’t have to deliver my emails. She’d have needed a fork-lift truck for the number of responses I got last week… … to the news that NHSE had […]

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It looks like all three have some choices to make.

Some choice to make

Let’s start the week with a• factoid-fest: • We are experiencing the lowest rates of unemployment since the mid-seventies.• Vacancy rates across most NHS staff groups are high, despite the overall workforce having grown.• Leaver […]

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Nothing will have given him the innovative, creative thinking, the nouse, the skill that he needs, now… to bring the NHS home, safe.

Nice pictures

The night night sky was ablaze. The inferno belched smoke and ashes into the air. People ran for their lives. Their homes burned quickly. The fire spread north, fanned by high winds. Three of Rome’s […]

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This tells me, central to a settlement, is a refresh of the Agenda for Change pay scales.

Talk first

If you or yours were expecting to get some long awaited treatment underway, you might be disappointed… …176 places of NHS work, out of the 311 where ballots were held, are walking out. Look out […]

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