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Give it a miss

That irritatingly and I think, stupid boy is preening himself in Singapore. 

Throwing bricks at the NHS from behind the paywall of the Sunday Times… which seems to have become Hello Magazine and abandoned serious journalism.

His apparent ignorance of systems, history, legacy and his inability to ask ‘why’ betrays his inexperience and unsuitability to take on the custody of the NHS.

Yes, Streeting, again.

It seems to me, his go-to position is to be abusive. 

He tried it on with NHS managers, had a go at GP partnerships and is trying again, far enough away to be out of reach and in a newspaper working people can’t afford to read.

I can’t reproduce the article because of copyright palaver. I can tell you it’s a sugar-piece that challenges nothing even though there is plenty to challenge.

You’ll have to trust me to play it straight with his quotes… and I will. He is more than capable of making himself look a numpty without any help from me.

He waxes lyrical about the technologies used in a Singapore General Hospital, where he is a guest, visiting.

Statista rate SGH as the top hospital in the world. In the Newsweek list of best hosptials, here St Thomas’ is top with 89.11%. In Singapore, SGH is top rated with 94.04%.

What does this mean? Dunno.

The UK spends £3,055 per person on healthcare, 18% less than the EU average and follows a 10yr period of flat-line funding before Covid, with the prospect of planned spending between 2022/25, to increase by an average of 0.1% a year, in real terms.

Comparisons are tricky because systems are different but within a decade, Singapore government per-capita health spending more than doubled…

Global data tells us…

... Singapore consumption expenditure on health per household;

‘... attained a value of $6,171 in 2021. (Roughly £4918.72)

‘... recorded a growth of 7.9% in 2021 compared to the previous year…’

‘... between 2010-2021, the household consumption expenditure on health per household in Singapore increased by 49.9%.

What does this mean? You don’t need me to spell it out but the Sunday Times love letter missed it all. 

Of course SGH has IT gizmos, Apps for appointments and robots delivering yer-pills! Singapore government has consistently invested in its healthcare system

To add insult to injury in the article Silly-Boy says;

The NHS is perfectly capable of [doing this]… it often choses not to.

Do you know anyone in the NHS who ‘choses not to innovate or invest’?

The Sunday Times Sonnet missed all that.

SB is adamant; 

The NHS wastes too much money and is slow to innovate…

If SB did but realise, NHSE has been forced to cut its IT and innovation spend… to balance its budget. 

The Sunday Times fan-boys overlooked that.

He plans to;

Shake the NHS out of its complacency…

Is there anyone working in the NHS complacent about the lack of capacity, and comparisons with other EU systems… putting us at the bottom of the list for people, kit and buildings.

He confuses reimbursement mechanisms with targets and plans on, freeing up time by not doing what he calls ‘stupid stuff’. Does he realise, how ever you redirect a pound… you can only spend it once.

He promises to ‘double the number’ of district nurses.


…in September 2009 there were 7,055 district nurses. 

By December 2022 there were about 3,749.

It looks like, after three years SB’ll end up with 443 more – that’s just over two a week… provided none leave.

Does Streeting know anyone with a calculator? 

The Sunday Times kissy-kissy-team don’t seem to have one.

You’ll like this. SB;

I don’t think it’s good enough that the NHS uses every winter crisis … as an excuse to ask for more money.

Is he really too stupid to understand or deliberately being obnoxious? Asking for 1.4m friends.

The NHS plans, meticulously for winter and published this year’s plan in July

What it does not have is the money the DH+ holds back in funding and allocates, often too late, for it to be used as an investment in seasonal fluctuations and ends up firefighting.

The starry-eyed Sunday Times appear not to know?

If you care about the NHS you can’t possibly vote Labour. If the rest of the Labour front-bench are equally gifted and even half as obnoxious, you definitely can’t vote Labour.

Where does that leave us? 


… because it’s the other lot that got us into this mess.

One thing I do know… the Sunday Times…

… I’d give it a miss.

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