Yes, there is more that could be done, less of this, extra that and all the usual but given the circumstances and the trails of destruction and disaster, that preceded the announcements...


Pink… That’s it. Pink. It’s an exciting colour, party-time but it’s also soothing and elegant.  There’s a pink-pound, a pink panther and pink shirts. It’s a blush and a rosé. Salmon and shells and comes in everything […]

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With local data, integrating diverse datasets from across the health system into a population health framework, creates a new focus on resource management and...


I’m on a plane… On the way back to the Albion… …this royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle… this precious stone, set in the silver sea, this blessed plot, this earth, this realm… I’ll […]

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Have a look, talk about them, tell people, see what they do.

Need help

Usually, when I write something, I have a bit of an idea where I’m going. An event or an issue comes up. Maybe something I’ve heard. Something you’ve written to me, about. Facts are always interesting. Checking them, […]

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Tell your mates, nurses deserve better pay... for sure.

Better than a strike

How do you tell an old and valued friend you think they might be wrong? First step, figure out if it’s worth the aggro. Wait for the right time. There’s probably never going to be a […]

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…for every rule, there is an exception.

The public

This is going to be a bit irritating. I’m going to break a rule. I know what irritates you, such is the barometer of my email inbox. But, as Cicero said; ‘…exceptio probat regulam in casibus non […]

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As for the future? Money, if possible but truth... no matter what the cost.

The cost

In school, you are given a lesson and then a test. In life, you are given a test, that teaches you a lesson. That’s why experience is such a hard master. I thought, when BoJo […]

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Jeremy Hunt was the SoS for Health for the longest period since the war. In these eLetters, I called him The Tinkerman…

Worth a punt

Jeremy Hunt is no stranger to Whitehall’s hard-tack and water. As the longest-serving secretary of state for health, most of it during a period of post-banking-crisis, austerity, he well knows the problems it creates. Not […]

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NHSE and [the] Association of Breast Surgery [are] in talks over changing symptomatic breast pathway.

Making me worry

I’m suspicious.  It’s not that I have a slight mistrust of people who want to change things. It’s because I have a total, pathological mistrust of people who want to change things! Perhaps I’m unfair on […]

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gratitude message for nurses with red hearts

Pay for them

In the avalanche of daily news there was an important snippet that might have passed you by. It wasn’t camouflaged and it didn’t come from a whacky news source, or social media. Dare I say, it […]

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half of whom were enjoying a postprandial kip.

Having a Kip

The sad, anorak that I am, I watched No21 (Thérèse Coffey), in Birmingham, making her speech to the Tory Party Conference. Birmingham; famous for all sorts. Cadbury, custard and brown sauce, for starters.  Balti, bangles and […]

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